Speedy shower screens

Your new shower screen

Please do not clean or touch your new screen for at least 24 hours after installation.

Any movement or exposure to water could break the silicone seal. Curing time for silicone is 24 hours.

(Our Warranty is void if you move or use the screen before the silicone is dry).

Looking after your shower screen

Clean your screen with a mild cleanser and avoid using harsh abrasives on the frame. A microfibre cleaning cloth is also very effective. (Chemical cleaners are not necessary with the microfibre cloths.)

Please check the instructions on cleaning products before use, as they may not be appropriate for some frames and screens.

Your screen is made from safety glass but it can be damaged by hard knocks or extremes of temperature. Always ensure that very hot or cold water is never sprayed directly on the glass.

There are many products available to clean the modern shower screen. Please follow the product directions.